Ron Vrijens

Ron Vrijens is the managing director of CAP2, a company started in 2005, after a career in financial and business management, as well as consulting.

He obtained qualifications in business management, accounting and obtained the highly sought after International TOC [Theory Of Constraints] certification.

Born in the Netherlands, he started his career in the Netherlands in various accounting and management positions and came to South Africa in 1991. He worked internationally across 3 continents, 10 countries, across 35 sub-industries. He provided consulting services to many companies across a wide range of business solutions, normally focusing on integration between ICT [technical + software] and business.


  • He gained extensive experience and knowledge of business and system optimisation, integration, synchronisation and finally collaboration being the highest level of a business maturity.
  • With a strong knowledge and experience across the 5 accounting disciplines, of which throughput and Goal accounting are his favorites, he enjoys building business solutions and for complex business challenges. His latest achievement is the CAP2 software uniquely for the Security Industry, which is and end to end integrated solution, quick and easy to implement and easy to use, delivering great value to its users.
  • He is since 2008 an associate lecturer with the University of the FreeState for the prestigious Msc MRM degree, developed and lectured various subjects; Financials, business and IT simulation, and is also competent to offer Operations and Supply Chain management as well.
  • His first interaction with IT and business systems was in approximately 1987 – where he start using his first IT accounting package – with the then  popular 2 floppy PC, 1 floppy for the program and 1 floppy for the data, since then times have changed.
  • Since 1987 - he developed together the rapid change in IT technology as well the enormous development of business application of IT, as well as the many other disciplines that came along to structure all the new development elements of business, such as BPR, BPM, SOX, EA, ITIL, Cobit and many other disciplines.
  • He has extensive experience in the integrated application solutions approach such as ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, Financials, Simulations, and business technologies such as RFID, GPS and GSM.
  • Being given the opportunity, he developed extensive skills in the analysis, designs and development of business / ICT solutions and involved in various software developments. Always considering INHERENT simplicity, applied to the  strategic, tactical and operational levels all needed to make a company successful.
  • He is a FIRM believer of simplicity – because if something is not easy to use – people will not use it, and no value can be derived. Being a strategic and systemic thinker - he has extensive skills to think far ahead and contextualise current and future challenges and ability to find holistic and systemic solutions both physical and also conceptual.


CAP2 Focus
  • A firm believer in creating value, being cost savings + margin enhancements + income generation through the generation of daily goal units, by simply focusing to exploit the constraint of the company. CAP2-SIMS is an example of exploiting current challenges by subordinating the software, and offer real solutions to real problems elevating our clients above the rest.
  • Leading the team in the development of CAP2-SIMS, which started in 2013, and was a new era, where the software was developed specifically for the security industry which is indeed a very competitive, complex environment which was in dire need of an end to end integrated solution – that provide an total solution that would save TIME, COST, Efforts and enabling companies to focus on growth – being a real life achievement.
  • The CAP2-SIMS software also allows him to live his passion to help clients to overcome their problems by finding solutions, solutions that are easy to use and achieve the objective, and rather avoid short cuts as they always come with a heavy price tag.



Michael is responsible for the CAP2 system design and programming, as well as integration to our partners and companies CAP integrates to and from.

His extensive experience spans across 25 years, and has successfully developed and managed many programs that are used by well known brands and companies. The success can be measured in terms of support, which is more or less zero, meaning that software is running without a problem, year after year.

One major development has been run successfully for many years to manage over 350.000 employees, and is managed across from many satellite offices across SA.



Netania Vrijens is a director of CAP2, being responsible for sales and customer support and admin, ensuring that customers are well serviced and looked after.

She is also responsible to maintain all client data up to date, which is a cornerstone in delivering a quick and effective service as CAP2 goes the extra mile. The reality is that security companies change often in personnel and that critical information is many times lost.

She qualified in Photogrammetry and Surveying at the Technicon of Cape Town, and has worked for many years in various positions such as the Department of Transport and previous provincial governments.

She has worked overseas, and gained extensive experience in running and managing projects, beside her job as client manager responsible for client liaison, quotes, client service and operational and quality management, in which she performed an excellent job.

She is involved in the daily running of the business and ensures that CAP2 will stay focused and deliver an excellent product and service to its clients.



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